Top 5 WhatsApp alternatives you can use today

top 5 free WhatsApp alternatives
best alternative 

WhatsApp  updated its new privacy policy, which clearly says from February 2021 WhatsApp will shear ours some important data to Facebook and Instagram, 


new WhatsApp privacy policy  2021
the new policy on WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and recently they started requiring their users to share their WhatsApp data with Facebook if they want to continue using the app.

 Not everyone is willing to share their private data with Facebook, so a lot of people want to find similar apps like WhatsApp. Thankfully, there are many of them out there,

 you just have to find the right one that suits your needs. With that in mind, here are some of the best WhatsApp alternatives you can start using today.

These are the top 5 best WhatsApp alternatives 

1. Signal

The signal is powered by the Signal foundation and it’s offering end to end encryption to Facebook and WhatsApp.
 They created their own program focused on security, which means you can start talking with anyone you want without worrying about your data or privacy.

 There are some great features within Signal like screen security, self-destructing messages, and many others.

 They don’t link data to your identity, and everything from calls to backups and other data pieces is fully encrypted.

 If you want an alternative to WhatsApp that’s security-focused,

 this is the best option.

2. Telegram

Telegram has been competing with WhatsApp for quite some time.
 It’s an open-source tool, and it has support for super groups with thousands of people, public channels, the use of passcode locks,

 not to mention chat encryption and self-destructing messages.

 There are also bots that help you play games inside the app. In addition,

you can also get important information while you are mobile.

 There’s no video calling feature, however, so you need to keep that in mind.


Imo is offering free video calls and chat. 
It’s available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. The great thing about it is that you have all the calls free of charge, 

whether you want to enjoy video or audio calling. They also have instant messaging features, as well as stories where you can share your status and ideas with friends.

 It’s also possible to share files and talk with a group. That makes it a great WhatsApp alternative app, especially if you want something free and seamless.


Viber is a great VOIP app and messaging solution.
 It delivers end to end encryption, video and audio calls, support for multiple devices and message syncing.

 They also have file sharing, public accounts, Google Drive backups, 

sticker support and many others. There’s a sticker store too if you want to support the app.


The line is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps.
 It delivers support for messages and video calls. Plus, it has a sticker store, an app timeline, status updates, message filtering, themes, passcode locks, and so on.

 It does feel a bit bloated, but the interface is still easy to use and a pleasure to customize the way you want.


All these apps are a great alternative to WhatsApp.
 At the end of the day, you will have no problem finding similar apps like WhatsApp, and many of them deliver encryption, file sharing, and all kinds of great features.
 All you need to do is to create a list with all your needs and you will have no problem finding the right app to suit your requirements.

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