Who are the Partly Owners of Punjab Kings XI?

Punjab Kings XI was established in the year 2008.

Punjab Kings XI is one of the teams that participate in the Indian Premier League commonly known as IPL.

Owners of Ipl team Punjab Kings XI

Since 2018, Punjab Kings XI is being a part of the biggest Cricket carnival in India.

In the first season, the first captain of this team was the great Indian Cricket face Yuvraj Singh.

Right now the captain of this team is K L Rahul. The head coach of this team is Mr. Anil Kumble.

The CEO of the team is Mr. Satish Menon. In the IPL 2014 season, the team ended as the semifinalists.

In this season they lost to Kolkata Knight Riders. This team is being unable to bag a title till. But this team shows a good performance every season.

The fans are generally curious about who is the part-owner of the team Punjab Kings XI?

    Partly owners of Punjab Kings XI

    Kings XI Punjab’s team has renamed itself as Punjab Kings in the February 2021 Auction.

    The owners of this team revealed a new logo too.

    Punjab Kings XI is owned by renowned Industry Figures.

    The partly owners of the team Punjab Kings XI are Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta, Mohit Burman & Karan Paul.

    Ness Wadia has the highest shares among these 4 co-owners. Let us know the details-

    Preity Zinta

    Preity Zinta Kings IX Punjab Team Owners

    One of the famous Bollywood stars Preity Zinta is a co-owner of this team.

    Mostly the fans relate to this team with this famous face.

    PZNZ Media is a production company founded by Preity Zinta, shares 23% of the stake of this team.

    Ness Wadia

    Ness Wadia Kings IX Punjab Team Owners
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    A famous Business tycoon from Wadia Group and the managing director of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation is a co-owner of the team Kings XI.

    Mr. Ness Wadia also shares 23% of its stake.

    Mohit Burman

    Mohit Burman Kings IX Punjab Team Owners

    The director of the company Dabur India Ltd. Is also a co-owner of the team Punjab Kings XI.

    This businessman is the Manager Director of Elephant Capital PLC.

    He has a great interest in the sport.

    He has a 46% stake share in this team.

    He also has a significant percentage of shares in the Indian Badminton League & by owning

    Pune Pistons Franchise and he previously used to own Mumbai Magicians Hockey Team.

    Karan Paul

    Karan Paul Kings IX Punjab Team Owners
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    Karan Paul is the Chairman of Apeejay Surrendra Group which is the oldest & biggest conglomerates.

    Mr. Karan has a share of 8% of the team.     

    Stake shares of Punjab Kings XI 


    Percentage of Stake Share

    Ness Wadia


    Preity Zinta


    Mohit Burman


    Karan Paul


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