Highest paid Indian Actress In Bollywood

In this article, we will discuss the highest-paid actress in Bollywood of all time

as the recent time Bollywood movies earnings increase at the top level up to 200cr to 500cr,

so you must curious about whom is the highest paid Indian actress in Bollywood.        

Although Bollywood is not as large as Hollywood,

 the truth is that many Indian actresses and actors are making well into 6 and even 7 figures.

 It’s important to note that not all Indian actors in Bollywood are millionaires,

 but you will be impressed with how much some people are actually earning!

    Let’s start from Deepika Padukone salary per film, 

    Deepika Padukone salary per film

    1. Deepika Padukone

    Deepika Padukone makes anywhere from 15 to 29 Crores per movie.

    She is the top highest paid actress in Bollywood.

    The actress is on a roll, she is known to be one of the highest-paid performers in Bollywood right now,

     and she is set to appear in Next by Shakun Batra very soon.

    Deepika Padukone is a well-known bold actress of Bollywood.

    She is doing a great job with her graceful acting skills.

    has also shown the variety of playing different characters from Mastani to Piku, from Leela to Naina. Deepika Padukone has received more than 40 awards in Bollywood.

    According to the sources Deepika Padukone’s net worth is almost 351 crore in Indian Rupees in the recent year-2021.

    Sources said that she gets about 30 movies per month. But she finalizes a few movies only.

    She is also engaged with her social works where she spends for the well-being of the poor.

    She has almost 100 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. She is married to famous actor Ranvir Singh.

    2.Shraddha Kapoor

    Shraddha Kapoor Charges per movie

    Shraddha Kapoor has a lot of talent, and she works with numerous entertainers.

     Despite the fact that she didn’t star in a film with any major star,

     she is known to deliver great performances and she does earn 26 cr per movie, which is quite a lot.

    Shraddha Kapoor is a well-known Bollywood figure.

    As per the media, Shraddha Kapoor’s net worth of 2021 is 102 crore in 2021 that is increasing every year by growth of about 15%.

    She got fame from the film “Aashiqui 2”.

    From doing small roles to leave a mark in Bollywood what she has done in these past years.

    She has also received several Filmfare awards.

    She has started her career with the film “Heropanti”.

    Shraddha Kapoor has 53 million followers on Instagram, 17 million followers on Facebook, 13 million followers on Twitter.

    She has won many hearts.

    3.Alia Bhatt 

    Alia Bhat Earnings per movie

    Asking 25 cr per movie, Alia Bhatt is the most paid actress in Bollywood

     She might be an expensive actor, but she is worth it. 

    She takes supporting roles as well as main roles,

     and she already impressed a lot of people with her performance in many different movies.

     Even if she was in Sadak 2 and Kalank that weren’t very successful,

     she is known to usually deliver great ROI for most studios.

    Alia Bhatt’s annual income in 2021 is 20 crore.

    Her income is growing every year by almost 10 %.

    Alia Bhatt has started her career with “Student Of The Year”.

    Alia Bhatt has 49 million followers on Instagram, 2 million followers on Facebook, and 21 million followers on Twitter.

    She also has 1.4  million subscribers on youtube.

    She has done many super hit films. She is the daughter of the famous director Mahesh Bhatt.

    She had worked with many super hit actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachhan, etc. 

    4. Katrina Kaif 

    Katrina Kaif Earnings per Month

    Katrina Kaif is very popular, especially with younger audiences. 

    We are discussing the most paid Indian actress so kat was in the top list in top 10 highest-paid actresses in Bollywood

     She is known for comedies, but she also plays horror roles too.

     She will star in Tiger 3 and Sooryavanshi, among others. Katrina Kaif charges 21 cr per movie.

    Katrina Kaif is a British- born actress who has already worked with almost all the big actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, etc.

    Katrina Kaif’s total worth 2021 is around 210 crores in Indian Rupees. She has received the Beauty Of The Year Award in 2016. 

    She has started her career at the age of 14 by doing a jewelry promotion in London. Her net worth is growing by 8% every year.

    5. Kangana Ranaut

    Kangana Ranaut Earnings Per Months

    Kangana Ranaut has been a great box office performer for a while, and it’s why she charges 20 cr per movie.

     You will be able to see her in Dhakad and Tejas very soon.

     Kangana Ranaut is stealing her fans’ hearts with her great acting skills, modeling, and also her fashion style that she carries effortlessly.

    She is one of the self-made actresses in the Bollywood industry.

    She has done many films being the only lead character of the film and still gets a lot of applause.

    In the early days of her career, she had struggled a lot. But she did not give up.

    Whatever she has achieved she earned it with her skills.

    Kangana Ranaut Net Worth 2021 is 94 crore INR.

    Her monthly salary and income are more than 1 crore and a yearly income of more than 15 crores comes to her pocket.

    She is also a film producer. Her net worth is projected to increase by 37% every year as per the sources. 

    6. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

    priyanka Chopra Earnings Per Months

    Priyanka has become an international icon, and that’s why she is charging 19 cr per movie.

     She also starred in many US movies like Baywatch or the Quantico TV series.

    Priyanka Chopra Net Worth2021 is more than 3.5 Crore.

    She is ruling Bollywood as well as she had also entered into the Hollywood industry.

    38 years old Priyanka Chopra has almost 57 million Instagram followers.

    She had done a wide range of films and the number of her Bollywood movies is more than 50.

    After achieving so much success She decided to enter Hollywood.

    Her bigger goal-achieving motives made her the highest-paid TV actress in the World.

    She is going to be seen in upcoming Hollywood appearances too.

    7. Kareena Kapoor Khan

    Kareena Kapoor Earnings Per Months

    Kareena Kapoor Khan has been a part of Bollywood for more than 20 years, and she is earning upwards of 18 cr per movie. 

    You will be able to see her soon in Laal Singh Chaddha.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan made her debut in the film Refugee that was released in 2000.

    The turning point of her career came in the year 2001 after her performance in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

    Kareena Kapoor Net Worth 2021 is Rs 440 crore. If we see her monthly salary or income it is more than 1 crore.

    Her yearly salary is 10 to 12 crore. Kareena Kapoor charges 7 crores per movie.

    After the movie, Veere Di Wedding box office hit she had set the charges for a single movie of 10 crores.

    8. Anushka Sharma

    Anushka Sharma Net Worth 2021

    Anushka Sharma

    Anushka Sharma is also one of the most paid actresses.

    Anushka Sharma charges 12 to 15 crore for a single movie. She has done not a lot of movies but what she has done left an impact on the audiences.

    Anushka Sharma Net Worth 2021 is 225 crore in Indian Rupees.

    She is also a self-made actress and always leaves with the height of her acting skills.

    Anushka Sharma’s salary per month is more than 1 crore and yearly income is more than 12 crore.

    In the last few years, the net worth of Anushka Sharma has risen by about 80 %.

    She is also engaged in charity activities. She is one of the highest taxpayers in India.

    9. Kriti Sanon

    Kriti Sanon Earrings Per Months

    Kriti Sanon asks for 11 cr per movie, and she is known for being popular with young audiences.

     Some of her upcoming movies include Second Innings as well as Bachchan Pandey.

    Kriti Sanon Net Worth 2021 is 37 crore Indian Rupees.

    For doing a single movie she charges 2 crores.

    Kriti Sanon’s monthly salary and income is more than 55 lakh and yearly salary and income are more than 5crore Indian Rupees.

    The source of her income and salary come from her movies, promotions, and Television ads. From the very first movie of her, she started to earn audiences’ love.

    She has 5 million followers on her Instagram, 3 million followers on her Facebook, and 6 million followers on her Twitter account. 

     10. Disha Patani

    Disha Patani earnings per months

    Disha earns around 9 cr per movie, and she is known for being the crush of India. She usually plays the lead role, but you will also get to see her as a villain too.

    With her beautiful smile and pretty face and also beautiful figure, Disha Patani became famous in her very first Bollywood film.

    She is the crushing of her many fans. Disha Patani Net Worth of 2021 is 87 crore.

    Disha Patani’s monthly and yearly income are respectively 20 lakhs and 5 crores.

    She charges 2 crores or more than 2 crores for a single movie.

    She earns the salary and income from movies, ads, and promotions.

    Disha pays about 5 paid ads per month. Her Net Worth growth is increasing every month at a great pace.  


    Today we provide you the list of the highest-paid actress in Bollywoodand most highest-paid actress in Bollywood

    There’s no denying that Bollywood earnings are increasing, and that’s why you can see so many actors earning upwards of 20 cr per movie.

     This is a powerful industry and one that continually expands to reach new heights. In fact,

     Bollywood has an international fan base and a great reputation.

     That means we will get to see even more actors with massive earnings in the years to come!



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