Do you know over 6 million average numbers of car accidents in the U.S every year .and the 40% cause’s of trying to charge phones while driving? We always want to live your life more safe and secure so we made a wireless automatic car charger, it’s also hold your phone tightly and charge quickly

Driving is a wonderful time to charge your phone, especially if you are having a long journey. But plugging and unplugging your phone every single time you get into the car is a painful task.

If you’re using a Qi-enabled phone, you should absolutely grab one of these Elara Wireless Car Charger and go wire-free in the car.

If you don’t have a Q.i-enabled phone. Don’t Worry The Elara wireless automatic sensor car phone holder and charger comes with wireless charging receivers for all kinds of Smartphone’s. Like for iphone, LG, Samsung, Google & Smartphone’s.
INSTALLATION: This device has the benefit of having the air vent mount; dashboard and windshield mount options right there in the box. I recommended the air vent mount because they tend to fit a wider array of cars. Plus, the air from the AC blows over the mount and your phone, which helps keep them cool as wireless charging generates some heat.
SMART ONE-HAND OPERATION: Infrared sensing design, just place your phone inside the holder, the clamps will close and give a strong stable hold. A gentle touch on any sides of the charger and the arms would automatically open and it wills quickly release your phone, this design 100% ensures the security of your phone, never need to worry about your expensive phone falls down.
360 Degree Rotation: There is a 360 degree rotation function to provide you 360 degree flexible viewing angle, can be adjusted according to your needs you are able to relax to talk on the phone, listen to music, navigate and charge while driving.
Best Design: High Quality tempered glass and metal texture design, super intelligent large induction coils, stable even on rugged roads and opens when you want.

SAFETY FEATURES: The device has the all safety features include, overheating, short-circuits, and other,

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