Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime

Have you made plans for your weekend yet? 

If not, turn your home into a theatre with the best Telugu movies on amazon prime.

 Amazon Prime Video has already taken up the world of entertainment by storm. 

Given the COVID-19 situation, the world has succumbed to digital media by all means. 

Whether it’s for sustenance, gathering information, or mere entertainment, the digital world has evolved tremendously. 

Similarly, Amazon Prime has stocked up on some of the best Telugu movies, from classics to current hits. 

With Tollywood gaining speedy popularity because of its intriguing storyline and screenplay, 

get a list of a few of the best Telugu movies to watch on amazon prime.

List of Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime

If you are wondering how to spend your weekend, do not worry. 

Amazon Prime has assembled some of the best movies from Tollywood under one roof. 

You are just a click away from spending your night the right way at home. 

Let us have a look at some of these must-watch movies.


mantra teluhu movies on amazon
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The mantra was among the best hit movies in 2007. 

The movie is directed by Tulasi Ram and stars Charmme Kaur and Sivaji. It is a horror film that revolves around the main character, 

Mantra (Charmme Kaur). The story begins with Mantra trying to sell her ancestral property. 

Since the house is ancestral, the buyer wants someone to stay inside for some time to see if the house is haunted. 

At the request of the buyer, Mantra decides to live in the home. 

What happens after that and the incidents that take place inside the property is the source of mystery.

2. KGF: Chapter 1

KGF best amazon movies telugu
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KGF: Chapter 1 is among the best Telugu movies amazon prime includes. 

It witnessed massive success at the box office and continues to be among the top-rated films in Tollywood.  

Due to the incredible response that the movie received, the makers decided to release another sequel- KGF: Chapter 2. 

The story centers around the protagonist Rocky (Yash), who belonged to a low-income family. 

Eventually, he seeks power and wealth to fulfill a promise to his mother. 

The journey of becoming rich gets him involved with the gold mafia.

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3. Kushi

khshi movie on amazon prime
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Kushi was released in 2001. However, it remains to live in the hearts of people. 

The story is about two college friends, Madhu and Sidhu, and how their animosity grows towards each other due to a tiny misunderstanding. 

However, destiny brings them together again for another friend. 

How they act thereafter is a sight to behold.

4. Mahanati

Mahanati telugu movies
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Manhanti is a biopic of actress Savitri. 

The story glorifies the feats and success of the actress, who was considered the first female South Indian superstar to act in Telugu and Tamil. 

The movie is among the best Telugu movies to watch on amazon prime

She ruled the industry for over three decades with a record of acting in over 250+ movies. 

The film received excellent appraisal from the audience and received several awards. 

Keerthy Suresh has played the role of Savitri in the movie.

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5. Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi

ene telugu movies on amazon
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The main plot of the movie is about four childhood friends who aspire to become filmmakers. 

However, things do not unfold the way they planned, and each ends up with their suffering. 

One day when all meet up together, they discuss their lives and what they truly want out of them. 

The movie is ideal for the youth today, and if you search for the best Telugu movies on amazon prime

you will see the name of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi pop up. 

6. Love Life and Pakodi

love life and pakodi movie in telugu
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Love Life and Pakodi is directed by Jayanth Gali, starring Kalajyothi and Akarsh Raj Bhagavathula. 

The movie is a romantic drama that brings to light the life of a couple facing challenges and struggles during their relationship. 

How things unfold for them and how they overcome every difficulty is something that viewers must watch.

7. Hit 2020

hit 2020 telugu movies on amazon prime
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Hit 2020 (Homicide Intervention Team) has been a massive success at the box office. 

It belongs to the thriller genre. 

The protagonist is Vishwak Sen, who has done an incredible job. 

The plot revolves around the responsibility of a cop trying to locate a missing girl, Preethi. 

If you are a fan of thriller drama, you will love the gripping and intriguing storyline.


8. Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra

Telugu movies on amazon
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The movie was released in 2020 that became an incredible success. 

Among the best Telugu movies in amazon prime, this movie tops the list. 

The story is based on the life of Captain GR Gopinath. 

How he started an airline company for middle-class families and his trials and tribulations are recorded in the movie. 

Initially in Tamil as Soorarai Pottru, the movie has been acclaimed under the Best Foreign Film Category at the 74th Golden Globe Awards. 

That’s quite an achievement!

9. Jaanu

Jaanu Telugu movie on amazon
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Jaanu released in 2020 and became immensely popular among people. 

The story centers around an incident, a school reunion that brings together with two former lovers. 

The couple had broken up due to unusual circumstances and misunderstandings. 

The movie received the critics’ review and was regarded as a hit. 

If you are searching for Telugu movies to watch on amazon prime, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch this one.

10. Fidaa

Fidaa Telugu movies on amazon prime
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Fidaa stars Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi and belongs to the romantic comedy category. 

The story tells about a simple and opinionated girl who meets an NRI from the US. 

The movie brings about the true meaning of ‘Opposites attract’ as the two have contradictory natures, yet it brings them closer. 

The film was among the top hits back in 2017.

Make Your Weekend Blissful With Amazon Prime

When you have access to Amazon Prime Video, 

why worry about boredom or weekend plans? 

With the best Telugu Movies in amazon prime, entertainment is just a click away. 

The list above gives you a clear idea of the varied options you have for recreation. 

Therefore, if you want to enjoy Telugu movies in the comfort of your home, 

log into your Amazon Prime account with a bucket full of popcorn!

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