Best Korean Romance movies | Best Korean comedy movies. 

best korean romantic movies

If you like the romantic comedy genre, you are going to love Korean rom-com movies. 

Korean cinema is known to offer some of the best romantic comedies for Korean and Hollywood audiences. 

People love Korean dramas, K-Pop, and many other things related to the Korean entertainment industry.

If you have never watched a Korean movie then you are missing an amazing opportunity to enjoy the thrill, 

actions, comedy, response, and all other genres offered by amazing Korean producers. 

From storyline to acting, the Korean entertainment industry is second to none. 

Love stores and romantic dramas by Koreans are worth seeing. 

Not only Koreans but audiences from all over the world cherish the quality of the content offered by Korean romantic comedy movies. 

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Some of the most popular romantic comedy Korean movies include:

1. My Tutor Friend (2004)

A girl with low grades decides to hire the most popular guy in school as her private tutor. 

They soon begin to develop feelings for each other.

This was one of the top-rated Korean movies that enjoyed great success at the box office. 

It is well known for its funny storyline and great chemistry between leads.

2. My Sassy Girl (2001)

Starring Jun Ji-Hyun, Cha Tae-Hyun, Eom Jung-Hwa, and Gong Hyo-jin, this movie is widely considered as one of the best romance comedy Korean movies ever made. 

This movie is so popular that it was remade into a Hollywood flick starring Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford in 2004.

3. 200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

Another one of the most popular best rom-com Korean movies is this story about a woman who has trouble finding love because of her weight.

This movie was very well received by the audiences and especially praised for its unique storyline and great acting skills of lead actors. 

The movie was able to become one of the highest-grossing Korean movies at the US box office, 

which only proves the popularity of this romantic comedy.

4. My Tutor Friend 2 (2007)

This sequel to “My Saint Friend” continues with the story of two main characters, now in college. 

They try to keep their relationship away from people’s attention, but eventually, they are found out by other students.

5. My Girl (2011)

This movie is a Korean rom-com that received numerous awards and nominations, especially for its amazing storyline. 

Two young women become best friends while growing up together in a single-parent home. 

They both face many hurdles in their lives, but they stand by each other through it all.

6. The Thieves (2010)

This romantic comedy follows the story of a group of thieves who rob the rich but have to find ways to get their money by any means necessary. 

After a string of robberies, they become the most wanted criminals in Korea.

This is one of the best rom-com Korean movies that offer some great acting performances and memorable storylines. 

It was selected as part of the Korean Cinema Class at Harvard University.

7. My Love (2011)

This movie includes two stories that take place during the 1970s and 2010s. 

The story of two women who meet by chance and end up becoming best friends and supporting each other through it all.

8. My Tutor Friend 3 (2010)

This third installment in the “My Saint Friend” franchise has a romance comedy storyline. 

The main characters meet again and this time their relationship is put to the test. 

Will they be able to face all odds?

9. I Am Happy (2012)

This movie tells the story of a woman who decides to follow her dreams and makes it big in the fashion world but soon realizes that she has left behind people who truly loved and cared for her.

10. The Beauty and the Beast (2012)

This Korean movie has a great story about an overweight woman who struggles to find love. 

She meets a young man who is confident in his appearance, but she soon finds out that he is not as handsome as he seems.

Quick List of Romance Comedy Korean Movies

If these top 10 best rom-com Korean movies have prepared you ready for the more romance comedy Korean movies, 

let’s quickly go through the top choices. 

These romance comedy Korean movies can offer you the real taste of the best rom-com Korean movies.

These 30 romance comedy Korean movies are known to receive most of the positive ratings from the audience. 

You can simply watch these best rom-com Korean movies in the Korean language with English subtitles or you may also find the dubbed versions.

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