Best 2021 New Hindi Movies on Netflix You Can Watch Now.

In this exclusive collection of new Hindi movies on Netflix, you will be finding the top 11 best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

Wanna have a movie night? Or just thinking which one to go for? Not to worry! 

Some of the best series is available on Netflix, just for you. 

Well, yes, it is having way more options for you to choose one,

 but this article will help you to find the most promising movie available on this streamer. 

The list contains some of the shocking true events that got us goosebumps such as the Nirbhaya case, shown in the movie ‘Delhi Crime’. 

It even consists of movies which are based on novels – ‘The Girl on the Train’ and ‘Mismatched’. 

So, What are you waiting for? C’mon, dive into this world of Netflix’s best originals through this write-up. 

Find out the best 11 best new Hindi movies on Netflix

You can watch these movies on Netflix from the UK and Netflix Canada with family. 

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1.Sacred Games (Rating-8.5) 

This movie stands 1st among the best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

sacred games poster
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It is grounded on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel which had the same name. 

The movie brings in Sartaj Singh, a police officer in Mumbai. 

Ganesh Gaitonde rings Sartaj up to tell him to protect the city within 25 days.

 Anjali Mathur, the Research and Wing Officer helps Sartaj to be on the correct track of the incident. 

In the next season, Sartaj comes across an ashram and learns from them the new apocalyptic strategies to build a new and tension-free world. 

Gaitonde is Mumbai’s most popular criminal as shown in the series. 

This movie’s ratings are quite appreciating- 8.6/10.

2. Delhi Crime (Rating-8.5)

One of the best new Hindi movies on Netflix is Delhi Crime. 

It is typically based on the actual rape incident in Delhi that happened with Nirbhaya. 

Delhi Crime on Netflix

The DCP of South Delhi, Vartika Chaturvedi is introduced in the movie to get hold of the 6 criminal rapers. 

She organized a new special team for fulfilling her aim of punishing the 6 sinners.

Vartika in the movie fought with red-tapism, inadequate infrastructure, and under huge mob pressure. 

At the starting of the series, Deepika was found gang-raped in a moving bus along with her friend Akash lied uncovered beside the road. 

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It is rated 8.5/10.

3.Ludo (Rating-7.5)

Ludo holds the 3rd spot in the list of the best new Hindi movies on Netflix. 

The story began with 2 different people examining existence and demise and they finally landed up playing Ludo.

LUDO Movie Netflix
image by Imbd

Their game associates the lives of Sattu bhaiya, Akash, Bittu, and Alu. 

Sattu bhaiya, the gangster becomes the dice, and Bittu becomes the red zone of Ludo. Akash and Shruti became the yellow side. 

The blue zone is set for Sheeja Thomas and Rahul Avasthi.  

The green side was made up for Alu and his school loves Pinky. 

Different sides have their own stories but in the end, all 4 stories get mingled up aiming towards an engaging climax.

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The rating of the movie is 7.6/10.

4. Rat Akeli Hai (Rating-7.3)

This is a crime thriller Hindi Netflix original film

The film’s narration is done by Inspector Jatil Yadav starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Rat Akli Hai Hindi Movie On Netflix
image by IMDb

The story is all about the murder mystery of a rich old man Raghubeer Singh on his wedding night. 

He was married to a youthful bride, much below his age named Radha. 

Each family member along with the new bride comes under the suspects of murder.

Jatil Yadav will be finding the actual murderer in the whole movie. 

In, the end, it is this Radha who accepts the marriage proposal of Jatil. 

Quite mysterious and thus it is the 4th ranked in the list of best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

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The rating is 7.3/10.

5. Pagglait  (Rating-7.0)

The story moves around a lately widowed girl, named Sandhya Giri starring Sanya Malhotra.

Pagglait Hindi Movie on netFlix
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Throughout the movie, Sandhya struggles to grieve over her husband’s recent death, 

although people around her are weeping loudly and performing various weird beliefs to showcase their mourning. 

Meanwhile, a new character is introduced naming Akansha, who used to be Astik’s ( dead husband of Sandhya) lover from college. 

Sandhya showed her outburst against Akansha after the discovery but in the end, she apologized to Akansha for her misbehavior. 

Undoubtedly this movie stands in the 5th position in the list of best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

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The rating is 7/10.

6. Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy (Rating 6.2)

No wonder why it is in 6th place in the list of best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

Tribhanga: Tedhi Medhi Crazy
image by IMDb

It is a successful family drama portrayed through 3 characters in the film. 

The plot dangles around a dysfunctional family of 3 women and their independent preferences. 

Nayantara, the mother of Anuradha is again the mother of Masha. 

Nayantara is a prominent writer. Anuradha is from Bollywood. Both the mother and daughter are complex and are single mothers. 

Masha, the youngest and pregnant is in search of a ‘normal’ existence, which she has been denied to her. 

Masha in her turn wants to be a homemaker. 

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The rating of the film is 6.2/10.

7. The class of 83  (Rating-5.8)

The abovementioned movie is typically based on a book named ‘The class of 83’ by Hussain Zaidi.

The Class of 83 hindi movie on netflix
image bi IMDb

Bobby Deol starred in the cinema as a determined police officer who instructs and educates 

5 students as assassins to punish the brutal bureaucracy and its sinful supporters. 

They performed their plans within staying within their limits. 

This class of 83 characters’ job was to uphold the law and order and not break it.

 Therefore, undoubtedly it has achieved the rank of 7th place in the list of the best new Hindi Movies on Netflix.

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The rating of the movie is 5.8/10.

8. Ginny weds Sunny  (Rating-5.6)

The character of Ginny is acted by Yami Gautam and Sunny by Vikrant Massey.

Ginny Weds Hindi movies on netflix
image by Imdb

In the list of the best new Hindi movies on Netflix, it holds the position of 8th

The movie revolves around a guy named Sunny met Ginny for an arranged marriage, but she refused him. 

Sunny then took the help of Ginny’s mother for making Ginny fall in love with him.

The movie in itself is all about winning love with the help of family. 

Both the lead role actors are different from each other. 

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To find out what’s the outcome, 

9. Gunjan Saxena  (Rating-5.3)

 Gunjan Saxena, an ambitious woman whose aim in life is to drive the aircraft by becoming a pilot. 

Gunjan Saxana New Hindi movie on netflix
image by IMDb

Her notion of such a dream came after she became aware of life in a cockpit.

Although she faced a lot of hurdles in fulfilling her ambition, she did not stop herself from moving ahead in life. 

Moreover, she served for the country in the Kargil War. 

Thus, this movie has placed itself on the 9thrank in the list of the best new Hindi movies on Netflix

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The rating of the movie is 5.3/10.

10. Mismatched  (Rating-5.4)

The movie is based on the novel ‘When Dimple met Rishi’ by Sandhya Menon.

Mismatched New Movie on Netflix
image by IMDb

Mismatched’ has successfully taken the position of 10thrank in the list of the new best Hindi movies on Netflix. 

The mismatch in the movie is between Dimple Ahuja and Rishi Singh Shekhawat.

 Dimple on one hand is a tech wizard whereas Rishi is an old-school lover. 

He believes in true love and thus is finding his ‘future wife’ for himself in the institute of Aravalli. 

Lately, Rishi is wanting to get himself tied into marital bonds with Dimple.

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The rating of this movie is 5.4/10.

11. The Girl on the Train (Rating-4.8)

Now you knew 10 Movies to watch on Netflix, one extra recommendation from me the girl on the train. it’s a great mystery movie you can find on Netflix.

The Girl on the train
image by Imdb

It’s listed 11th place in the list of the best new Hindi movies on Netflix.

The film stars Parineeti Chopra as a drunkard and distressed divorcee. 

It resembles the novel of the same name by Paulo Hawkins. 

The name of Parineeti’s character is Mira who fixed her eyesight on a beautiful couple, each time she passes by the train. 

But, lately, in the movie, Mira gets herself entangled in a murder case. Something happens quite shocking at the end. 

Without a question, this movie is a successful mystery thriller film.

The aforementioned movies are all original series of Netflix.

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Each of them has high-rated casts and an interesting plot to watch

The climax has its twists and turns for all of the above 11 films. 


The article consists of 11 best new Hindi movies on Netflix

The order of the movies is in accordance with the ratings of the film which has also been included in the article. 

The casts in all the forenamed movies are amazing actors who have successfully portrayed their characters in the cinema. 

A brief storyline has been enclosed within the article to let you know a summary of the movie.

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